Hi, I’m Rok. My game is connecting individuals and publics with global experiences and insights from radical sustainability oriented innovation. I use interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to study key social, economic, political, technological and ecological challenges, and use these insights to design tools and techniques, which enable users to broaden their insight into new possible futures and change pathways; as well as to develop innovative, synergistic, just and regenerative solutions, from services, systems and platforms to policies.

Through the FuturesCraft initiative, I combine systems and change theories, alternative economics, futures methods and transformative innovation design, a combination key for:

  • Assembling holistic maps of complex, multi-level and multi-sector challenges through space and time
  • Shaping sustainability and social innovations with clear path-deviant and radical futures-oriented strategy
  • Empowering innovators of all walks of life in transforming initial conditions towards commons-based collaboration
  • Designing anticipatory, democratic and inclusive modes of sustainability governance in transitional times

I adapt FuturesCraft tools to the needs and challenges of different initiatives, organizations and multi-stakeholder groups. I use them to strengthen those knowledges and capacities, which enable not only to sense or follow trends, but (also) to set, shape, connect, support and scale them purposefuly and with a clear transformative strategy. They are meant for:

  • Developers of innovative services and products
  • Public administration and governmental organizations
  • Research and educational institutions
  • Nongovernmental and civil society organizations
  • Initiatives at the intersections of science, art and design
  • Multi-stakeholder groups and processes/arenas
  • Broader public
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