Testiranje namizne igre o alternativnih ekonomijah ‘Game-Changers’ na Švedskem

24.08.2018, 16:00-18:00, Malmo, Švedska

Game-Changers: The Game is a revamp of Monopoly for radicals. Though it, players engage in critical, reflexive and dialectical thinking about different discourses underlying various “new economy” and “new governance” claims (sharing, circular, collaborative, smart, etc.). It also familiarizes players with aspects of transformative social innovation theory, namely co-optation and trojan horses in transitions, which function as game mechanics.

Two playing teams – Green Growth and Degrowth (or Neoliberalism and Commonism, or similar, we are playing with purported opposites here) – advance and ultimately win by achieving hegemony thoughout the playing fields, consisting of “seeds of good anthropocenes”, i.e. concepts, designs, initiatives and innovations relevant for expanding the scope of possible just and sustainable/regenerative futures and pathways, which remain normatively contested.

Players use a mix of premade and impromptu “Barrier to change” and “Intervention” cards to weave together imaginative transition story-lines, while sometimes reacting to external events, “Wildcards”. Players assess each other’s scenarios for viability and imaginativeness, and map the average of these assessments onto a dice roll. The game is generative and modular by design, meaning players can generate and plug and play new playable content.

Več o sami igri si lahko preberete na povezavi tukaj.

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